Why I Walk to End Alzheimer’s

From the Atlanta Walk to End Alzheimer’s Champion’s Club

In Georgia alone, there are 150,000 people living with Alzheimer’s with more than 334,000 caregivers – husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, grandchildren and friends.

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is an opportunity for people to honor those who are and have lived with this disease. But, it is also an opportunity to bring hope by raising money to end this disease.

The following caregivers and friends have raised more than $1,000…. which means they have reached the Champions Club. In their own words, they share why they Walk to End Alzheimer’s…

Kim Beaulieu

“This is my first time participating in an event for Alzheimer’s Association and I am looking forward to the walk on Saturday. Alzheimer’s is just a heartbreaking disease. I walk because my father has this awful disease and is currently staying at Peachtree Creek facility because he can’t do anything on his own anymore. He is just a shell of what he once was”.

Gannon Murphy

“I am walking for my Dad, walking for Michael Murphy!

Kathleen Taylor

“I’m so excited to be participating in this walk and supporting this wonderful cause. It’s been such an honor to represent Team Taylor both here and back at home in D.C. I’m walking because of my dad”.

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Sohel Afza

“I walk for my dad who passed away from Alzheimer’s on January 11”.

Wynter Bryant

“My name is Wynter Bryant, and I walk for my mom, Juanita Bryant who’s fighting everyday to live. I love you mom!” 

Laura Potts

“I walk for my mom, Martha Potts. She loved her children, her pets, her newspapers and Richard Gere and she is greatly missed. Mom passed away from Alzheimer’s August 13, 2020”.

Leo Jones

“I am walking because of my mom who is currently suffering from Alzheimer’s”.

Adrianne Feinberg

“I walk for family members afflicted with dementia – my mother, sister, brother and mother-in-law. I also walk for friends and their families who have been affected by this devastating disease”.

Miranda Cunard

“I walk for my granddaddy, my best friend”.

Kathy Alvarez

“For my Mom….Because she’s been by my side since day one…Now, it’s my turn to be by hers….”

Theresa Addington

“I walk for Bernice!”

Leslie Maske

I originally started walking with the Atlanta Parrot Head Club in memory of Jimmy Buffet’s Dad J.D. Buffett. 

Along the way I walked in memory of my Great Aunt Dolores, she was awesome and we loved her very much. It was really hard to watch her fade away. 

This year I’m walking in memory of my dear friend Steve Keeley.  We met thru the Atlanta Parrot Head Club, we have been friends for over 30 years.  He pass away this year, and I miss him very much.  I hope we do find a cure, and I hope we find it soon.

Ann Sechrist 

For my husband Nelson, 10 years plus with Alzheimer’s.

Brittany Combs

“For my grandmother”.

Jennifer Bornemann

“My Dad is why I walk. This is a fairly recent picture during a particularly stressful period. I always thought I would be devastated when my Dad no longer remembered I was his daughter but on this day, he thanked me for being a wonderful friend. Bottom line – my Dad knows I love him and care for him and that is what is truly most important”. 

Clyde Barber

“For my wife”.

Lori James

“I walk for my Dad, James M. Dixon Sr., who ended his journey with Alzheimer’s disease April 2018.  He was the absolute best Dad ever!”


Jason Perry

“I walk for my mom, who is in the very late stages of the disease”.

Joe Maifeld

“This is who I walk for, my beautiful Gail McCorvey just months before she had a major mental collapse and was admitted to The Fountain View Center….  and in a better time in our lives….”

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