Volunteer, Nathan Brandon puts his administrative leadership to work on behalf of the Alzheimer’s Association

Newly formed in February, the committee for the inaugural ‘Cherokee County Walk to End Alzheimer’s’ scheduled for October 24, is off to a brisk start. As Nathan Brandon, their new walk chair explains, “we are ahead of the metrics.” 

Spoken like a leader with a deep resume in administration including 13 years in the senior care industry, Brandon was recruited by the Alzheimer’s Association’s Senior Director of Development, Amy Richardson back in February. Having retired three years ago and still involved with the senior community, a fellow colleague, Brandi Hackett invited him to the first meeting. After showing up, he felt immediately compelled to help out. “I like to see all the moving parts of a whole operation and do whatever it takes to make things happen,” says Brandon. “The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is just that opportunity.” 

So far, Brandon’s duties have included following the association’s clearly detailed protocol, monitoring what steps should be taken next and making sure all available resources are being put to good use. In his short time as chair, he’s also recruited more talent to the team including Pam Carnes. Knowing Carnes’ husband’s grandmother had passed away last year from a long struggle with Alzheimer’s, Brandon asked the president/CEO of the Cherokee Chamber of Commerce to co-chair. She said she’d sleep on it and then, gave him a yes the next day. According to Brandon, Carnes’ brings passion, energy, credibility and more contacts willing to join the cause. 

His ease in touting the folks he’s worked with over the years demonstrates his self-described leadership style as one part administrative and one part encouragement. The husband, father and grandfather of six first became aware of the Alzheimer’s Association in 2010 when he was the Director for Cherokee County Senior Services. Responsible for administering Meals on Wheels, homemaker services and case management for Cherokee’s aging, he credits Stacy Trout, the county’s homemaker coordinator for setting up an Alzheimer’s support group at his senior center. 

Nathan Brandon with his six grandchildren, wife, Judy; daughter, Joy far right and son, Stewart on the left.

During that same time, Brandon recalls losing someone he was particularly close to, his mother-in-law, Karrie White to dementia. As a tribute to her, Brandon’s family has put together and named their own ‘Walk’ team, “Harrykarrie” after her and her husband, Harry. To further show his volunteer commitment towards the Alzheimer’s Association, Brandon also formed a team, “Ageless Wonders” for his group of 269 seniors who take a physical fitness class from him three times a week. 

Nathan Brandon leads a physical fitness for mature adults in Cherokee County

“It’s all about serving,” says Brandon. I’m excited about our walk teams and how they are using their own personal skills to serve others for the greater good.” At the Alzheimer’s Association Georgia Chapter, we could not be more grateful to receive the unique talents and commitment of volunteers like Nathan Brandon. 

Shown back row center, Nathan Brandon, chair with the leadership team
of the Cherokee County Walk to End Alzheimer’s

To join the fight against Alzheimer’s like Nathan Brandon and learn more about the Cherokee County Walk to End Alzheimer’s on October 24 at Etowah Park in Canton, please contact Dan Phillips at dphillips@alz.org or visit https://bit.ly/2x2ykVX 

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